Possible House Fire

Posted on September 1, 2019

     A report of a possible house fire at 103 Merritt Avenue was received by the BVFD this morning at 0641 hours.  A neighbor driving past the home noticed a thick cloud of black smoke billowing out to the street from behind the home. The neighbor called 911 then banged on the door of the home to notify the residents but no one answered the door.           Dep. Fire Chief Joseph Frino who was first on scene, reported a working fire due to the amount of thick black smoke and fire that could be seen at the back of the home. A firefighter on scene knocked down the flames with a garden hose while awaiting the arrival of the first due engine.  When the flames were knocked down and the smoke cleared, it became apparant the fire was under the rear deck where a large amount of debris, including old pieces of wood and tires, were burning.  The fire was caused by a fire pit that was sitting on the deck whereby an ember had fallen out of the pit sometime last night and burned down through the deck into the debris pile.  

      Had it not been for the neighbor seeing the fire when he did, there is no question this fire would have had a very different outcome.  As firefighters overhauled and wetdown the debris, the noise awoke the residents inside the home who had no idea anything was happenng in their backyard.  Dep. Chief Frino commented that if this fire had happened in the wee hours of the morning, there was a good chance the entire back of the home would have been engulfed and the safety of the residents would have been comprimised.  Fire Chief Christopher Naylis, arriving second on scene, stated for safety reasons, all residents should extinguish their fire pits and wet the surrounding area with water when they are done using them and not let the fire burn itself out.