Welcome to the Bergenfield Fire Department Web Site.  This is your official resource for information about the Bergenfield Fire Department. We are a combination department with 65 members. Please take a few moments to browse through our web site to learn a few things about us.  You may consider becoming part of a long history of dedicated men and women who make up our family of firefighters that have been protecting our community for over 114 years with valor, fidelity and duty. Thank you for your continued support.
Christopher Naylis, Chief of Department 

Possible House Fire

Posted on September 1, 2019

     A report of a possible house fire at 103 Merritt Avenue was received by the BVFD this morning at 0641 hours.  A neighbor driving past the home noticed a thick cloud of black smoke billowing out to the street from behind the home. The neighbor called 911 then banged on the door of the home to notify the residents but no one answered the door.           Dep. Fire Chief Joseph Frino who was first on scene, reported a working fire due to the amount of thick black smoke and fire that could be seen at the back of the home. A firefighter on scene knocked down the flames with a garden hose while awaiting the arrival of the first due engine.  When the flames were knocked down and the smoke cleared, it became apparant the fire was under the rear deck where a large amount of debris, including old pieces of wood and tires, were burning.  The fire was caused by a fire pit that was sitting on the deck whereby an ember had fallen out of the pit sometime last night and burned down through the deck into the debris pile.  

      Had it not been for the neighbor seeing the fire when he did, there is no question this fire would have had a very different outcome.  As firefighters overhauled and wetdown the debris, the noise awoke the residents inside the home who had no idea anything was happenng in their backyard.  Dep. Chief Frino commented that if this fire had happened in the wee hours of the morning, there was a good chance the entire back of the home would have been engulfed and the safety of the residents would have been comprimised.  Fire Chief Christopher Naylis, arriving second on scene, stated for safety reasons, all residents should extinguish their fire pits and wet the surrounding area with water when they are done using them and not let the fire burn itself out. 

NJ/NY Convention News

Posted on August 29, 2019

     The Bergenfield Volunteer Fire Department would like to congratulate four of its members for receiving awards at the yearly convention of the New Jersey/New York Volunteer Firemen's Association held on June 7, 2019.  This year's convention was held in Wyckoff in their firehouse where numerous awards were given out.  The emcee for the evening was Bergenfield Fire Department's own Jerry Naylis who not only emceed the event, but also was priviledged to sing the National Anthem.     

     The NJ/NY Firemen's Association was thrilled to be able to hand out 13 scholarships at the convention this year with one scholarship each awarded to Bergenfield firefighters and NJ/NY members Zachary Butcher and Dino Landaverde!  Congratulations to both of these young men.

     Firefighters James Lodato and Nancy Naylis are the two newest members to be added to the rolls of Life Member of the NJ/NY Firemen's Association.  To become a life member, a firefighter must be a personal member of the organization for 20 years.  This year, both Jim and Nancy qualified and each received a certification of membership as well as a life member pin to be worn on their Class A uniforms.  President Stan Kufel announced to the convention attendees that Nancy was the first female firefighter to be bestowed the Life Member designation.  Congratulations to both Jim and Nancy for reaching this milestone! 

Wetdown Event

Posted on August 29, 2019

     The Bergenfield Volunteer Fire Department held its first wetdown in over 50 years on July 6, 2019 at Prospect Fire Company No. 1.  The event showcased the two newest pieces of fire apparatus recently delivered to the Borough of Bergenfield.  The new engine and ladder parked on the north side of West Clinton Avenue across from Prospect Firehouse while all of the visiting towns who participated in the "wetdown" rolled past and sprayed the apparatus making this the first true wetdown in more than 50 years!

     The new engine is a 1500 gallon 2019 Pierce pumper that is housed at Prospect Fire Company on West Clinton Avenue, and the ladder is a 107 foot 2019 Pierce Acendent aerial housed at Alert Fire Company on West Church Street.  The Bergenfield Fire Department would like to thank the mayor and council for their support in purchasing these new Pierce pieces as they were sorely needed to replace an aged and outdated engine and ladder truck.

     The wetdown was held between the hours of 1-4 p.m.  The weather did not cooperate near the end of the event as the sky grew dark, a thunderstorm with lightening rolled in, and rain poured down on the apparatus and the people in attendance.  Luckily, there was enough cover to keep everyone safe.

     The wetdown committee, led by Greg Polandick, along with the entire Bergenfield Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank everyone who came out to support this event.  A special thank you goes to APPLEBEES of Hackensack for supplying the food and the cooks for the wetdown. 


Posted on July 15, 2018

Borough of Bergenfield
Fire Department

The Bergenfield Fire Department is a combination department whose primary mission is to protect the lives and property of the residents of Bergenfield and to assist our surrounding communities in times of emergencies.

The Department consists of 3 individual companies 8 pieces of apparatus situated strategically around the Borough. There are 4 engines, whose primary task is to extinguish the fire, 2 ladders, whose job is searching for victims and ventilation of smoke, 1 rescue, which handles all extrication and FAST Team duties, and a squad that works with our special operations teams, focusing on high-angle and trench rescues. All members are cross-trained in all types of company functions. We have a career staff comprised of 7 members who are on-duty M-F 8am to 5pm and they respond with 2 engines and 1 ladder truck. All of the members of the Department respond to any type of emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - WE WILL ALWAYS RESPOND TO YOUR CALL!!!!

The Department is overseen by the Fire Commissioner Thomas A. Lodato. The day to day operations, along with incident command, is under the direction of the Chief of the Department, Christopher Naylis In his absence the Department has two Deputy Chiefs, Joseph Frino and Edward kneisler III who will take command at that time.

Each Company has 1 Captain and 1 Lieutenant who are responsible for the training of an immediate command of each of their companies. Click on the members tab to see the rosters. All of the Officers have been trained to command an incident in the absence of all 3 chief officers.

The Department averages more than 700 responses annually. The Bergenfield Fire Department accepts membership from people between the ages of 18 and 45, male or female, and who live within the borders of Bergenfield or a contigous town that touches Bergenfield. We also sponsor a Junior Fire Department for young men and women between the ages of 16 and 18. If you are interested in joining, please call the Chiefs' Office at 201-387-4055 x 4073 or call 1-800-FIRELINE for more information on volunteering.

New Promotional Video

Posted on July 14, 2018